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The best of honeymoon destinations are said to be made up of islands where there is peace, beauty and isolation all rolled into one. The idea of a honeymoon is to provide the couple with some quality time so that the bond between them grows strong. For the bonds to grow strong certain ingredients are needed. The ingredients needed to garnish the bonding of a newly married couple are beautiful destination to spend time in, isolation from the hectic regimes of day to day life, a number of fun things to do together, settings that create an atmosphere of romance, and some excitement. A Maldives honeymoon has all of these above mentioned ingredients that cook up an excellent honeymoon.

The Prussian blue waters of the Laccadive Sea, the sandy white beaches dotted with swaying palm trees, warm sunny days, a swim in the deep blue waters to cool off, uninhabited islands where just the two of you can spend a day admiring nature, water sports such as sailing, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, the beautiful coral reefs vibrant with small colourful marine life and so much more lay here in the virgin islands of Maldives waiting to please and treat a honeymoon couple.

Our Maldives honeymoon packages come in all kinds of budgets and range from economy to luxury packages.

The islands of Maldives are filled with a wide range of activities and places to that will definitely make your honeymoon a great one. Some of the most well known places of interest and things to do that makes a great honeymoon here are:-

Male- this is the capital city of the country and one of the most important places of all. The city is the main economical and commercial center of the country. As the city is an island in itself the number of water related activities is many here. The markets of the city that sell a wide variety of things should be visited and can be an interesting place to spend one time in. The sky diving sport that one can avail here is once in a life time experience and should definitely be tried out.

Huskuru Miskiiy- this is one of the most important mosques of the country and is also called as the Friday mosque. The mosque was built during the 17th century by the Sultan Ibrahim Iskhandar. The mosque is built made out of corals that are really artistically carved. The architecture of the mosque is something to be marveled upon. The mosque is well decorated with magnificently carved corals, wooden lamps, figures etc. The carvings of Arabic writings on the walls of the mosques too are an excellent display of craftsmanship. The minaret that stands in front of the mosque was built in the year of 1675 and was used to as a place to call out to the Gods.

Mulee-aage- this place is just in front of the mosque and is a palace that was built in the year of 1906. The palace was built by Sultan Mohamed Shamsudeen III. The palace also served as the presidential residence when the country was declared a republic during the year of 1953 however in the later years of 1994 the presidential residence was shifted. This palace at the present moment serves as the office of the president of Maldives.

These are just a few of the places to visit in the beautiful country of Maldives. A lot more waits to be discovered in these pristine islands of Maldives so to discover the riches of the country take our honeymoon packages in Maldives.

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